INCF Japan-Node Special Symposium

“How Neuroinformatics can revolutionize Neuroscience”


J-node bannerSeptember 1 (Congress day 3)


Opening Greeting by Shun-ichi Amari                          


INCF Global Initiatives

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Chairs: Sten Grillner & Jan G. Bjaalie
Sten Grillner
: What INCF can do for Neuroscience     (25 min)                                                  
Erik De Schutter
: New model description standards to facilitate multi-scale modeling     (15 min)
Robert W. Williams
: Global Exploratory Analysis of Massive Neuroimaging Collections using Microsoft Live Labs Pivot and Silverlight    (15 min)
Maryann Martone
: The INCF Program on Ontologies for Neural Structures     (15 min)
Colin Ingram
: Practical metadata standards: Making data sharing and endurance feasible     (15 min)

Coffee Break                                             


New Projects and Impacts from Asian-Pacific circle

Chair: Shiro Usui        
David Van Essen
: An informatics perspective on cerebral cortical connectivity and function     (30 min)
Gary Egan
: Neuroinformatics approaches for mapping striatal structures and cortico-striatal connections in the human brain     (20 min)
Soo-Young Lee
: Perspetives on neuroinformatics as an important tool for an engineering goal - artificial cognitive system     (20 min)
Taishin Nomura
: Integrated bioscience with Dynamic Brain Platform     (20 min)
Ryutaro Himeno
: Japan’s next-generation supercomputer R&D project and grand challenges in life science     (20 min)     


Panel Discussion

Chair: Sten Grillner

Panelists: David Van Essen, Jan G. Bjaalie, Upinder Bhalla, Chung-Chuan Lo, Gary Egan, Soo-Young Lee, Kenji Doya


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