Related Abstract Search

The Related Abstract Search Tool for Neuroinformatics2010 provided by J-Node.

The RAST allows you to search not only by providing keyword(s), but also by selecting one or multiple abstracts to search for its related abstracts. This feature may provide results focused on the user's interest. That is, abstracts related to a single abstract by means of document similarity may belong to a different research topic. However, abstracts mutually similar to multiple selected abstracts have higher chance in belonging to the similar topic. RAST also suggests possible candidates of keywords by automatically extracting major words from the list of related abstracts. You can also use these words to refine your search. Moreover, not all related abstracts will contain the provided keyword(s). These abstracts cannot be searched by the ordinary keyword search, and thus we call them "Hidden treasure". You can create a list by clicking on Add to Cart button at each abstract, where abstracts will be sorted by date and time. You can also print the list with or without the abstract body from your Printing Cart. You can restore your "Printing Cart" by saving the ID which is displayed on the top right corner.

Try and find your "hidden treasures" with RAST! (A quick guide is shown on the top page, and a detailed guide can be accessed by clicking on "How to use").

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