Workshop 1

How to describe a model: description language solutions and challenges

Chair: Erik De Schutter

Ws1_image44bGeneral adoption of standard model description languages strongly boosts model sharing and software tool development, as witnessed in systems biology. Despite these clear advantages, attempts at creating description standards in computational neuroscience have had limited success so far. In this workshop we present some of the challenges and introduce recent attempts at moving computational neuroscience forward.

Sean Hill will give an overview of the current state and discuss the challenge of describing a model that spans multiple scales, possibly being simulated using several software packages simultaneously. Chung-Chuan Lo will introduce an INCF initiative to create a new, intrinsically extensible, language to describe neural network models. Finally, Nicolas Le Novere will discuss what is needed beyond just model description: how does one documents all aspects involved in running simulations and analyzing their output?

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